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Join us at the beginning of the year to discover the canton of Zurich. Our mission is to find delicious artisanal cheeses made and sold locally and to send them to the rest of Switzerland through our monthly boxes.
But first, let’s take a look at what makes Zurich so special.

Our Discoveries in Zurich

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Hello Cheese and Wine Lovers! Are you thinking about what you’re going to offer at this time of year?  Zurich is a perfect place for shopping and L’Atelier du Fromage has a delicious idea for you: an Apéro Box from the Canton of Zurich!  This winter, offer lots of cheese and wine! What does Zurich ... Read more


Hello Cheese Lovers!   Johana and I are already getting ready for the winter holidays!  Since the creation of L’Atelier du Fromage, we have always wanted our December Box to be memorable and to bring warmth and joy to your home every year.  This Christmas, we are breaking the rules of featuring a single canton! ... Read more


Introduction 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for discovering Swiss artisanal cheese thanks to L'Atelier du Fromage! There's nothing better than kicking off this new year with two exceptional Zurich cheese dairies, both of which make exquisite artisanal cheese. Our Box for January 2019 Girenbaderli Chäsi Girenbad, ZH It is rare to find ... Read more


Introduction When we think of the canton of Zurich, we think of Switzerland's largest city, its culture, its streetcars and its renowned financial center. But we forget that Zurich also has a beautiful, hilly countryside that allows its farmers to develop their activities and produce quality milk. The cheese dairies we have selected know how ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Zurich

Land Area:  1,728.95 km2

Population: 1,504,346 habitants (septembre 2018)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1351

Language:  Swiss German

Historical facts

Zurich joined the Swiss Confederation in opposition to the Austrian Habsburgs in 1351 after Lucerne.

The University of Zurich (founded in 1833) became the first university in Europe to accept female students. Zurich is known for having produced many Nobel Prizes in the fields of physics, chemistry, and medicine. In addition, many notable authors were born in Zurich. The city has continued to grow and become a world leader in education, science, culture, technology, and financial services.

Histories and myths

Felix and Regula

Felix, Regula, and their servant Exuperantius became the patron saints of Zurich. Their story had a huge impact on the city, its inhabitants, and the spread of Christianity. In fact, the three saints still appear on the coat of arms and seal of Zurich today.

Felix and Regula were brother and sister and members of the Theban Legion, which numbered more than six thousand men who converted to Christianity. Martyred together in the year 286, the siblings fled to Zurich to avoid execution but were arrested and executed by beheading. Legend has it that they stood up and raised their heads. Then they walked 40 steps before praying and finally lying down to die. They were buried where they died, a place that became the site of the Grossmünster church.

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