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After an intense winter, we all long for the arrival of Spring, its colors, energy, and sunshine. To welcome this season, we have chosen a region that for its architectural beauty and unparalleled views has become one of the favorite places in Switzerland: Lucerne. In addition to its beauty, it gives us a small but exquisite variety of regional wines that we want to share with you this month, so join us with the delectable March Apéro Box!

Lucerne has 25 ha of vineyards, although small, this area is divided into four wine sub-regions: Seetal, Vierwaldstättersee, Wiggertal, and Sempachersee. In these regions alone there are more than 60 vineyards!

About the wine-growing region of Lucerne

The sunny slopes of the vineyards are concentrated in the wine sub-regions of Seetal, Wiggertal, and Sempachersee. These areas share two lakes that regulate the climate. A variety of soil types can be found in the Lucerne AOC. The largest sub-region is Seetal, where we find high concentrations of limestone. In Vierwaldstättersee, the Föhn winds (warm south wind) favor early budding of the vines and optimal ripening of the grapes. Wiggertal has the warmest and driest areas and soil with high clay content. The smallest and newest sub-region is Sempachersee which enjoys many hours of sunshine and well-drained moraine soils.

Abbot Ambros 2019 of Weingut Klosterhof

In the sub-region of Seetal, in the municipality of Aesch, we find the Klosterhof winery, a family business that takes up part of the history of the Muri Monastery where the first vineyard was erected in the 16th century. After many years the family obtained the permits to continue with their dream of having a vineyard and in 2004 they launched their first labels. Today they have five labels, more technology, more plots, and more equipment to delight us with their wines of great quality and finesse.

Abbot Ambros 2019 is a 100% Pinot Noir wine, ruby color with a pinkish hue, medium aromatic intensity, aromas of pomegranate, cherry, raspberry, and licorice notes. In the mouth, we find high acidity, red fruit flavors, with light and fine tannins and a medium-long persistence. It is undoubtedly a very elegant and well-crafted Pinot Noir!

About the pairing

Salvatore is an ideal cheese to pair with this Pinot Noir, firm crust and elastic texture with mushroom and earthy notes that make it an ideal companion to the tannins and acidity of the wine. On the other hand, the Wolkli is a cheese with a soft texture and a flowery rind, which with the acidity of the Pinot Noir enhances the creamy and earthy flavors that can be enjoyed for longer on the palate.

Wrap yourself in the Lucerne terroir and enjoy the beginning of Spring with an array of flavors that we bring to you in our Apéro Box!


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