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We waited two years to present the cheese dairies of Neuchâtel, which may seem funny because L’Atelier du Fromage is based in the canton of Neuchâtel!  However, we have good reason in choosing our timing.

When we started our business two years ago, most of our customers were friends and family who live in this canton.  We wanted to offer them a discovery in every Box, so we couldn’t possibly give them artisanal cheeses from their hometowns!  It is therefore with great pleasure that we now present the cheese dairies from Neuchâtel.

Stähli Produits Fermiers

Stähli Produits Fermiers was the first company to breed the water buffalo in Switzerland and today they have the largest herd of 350 animals.  The two brothers, George and Daniel Stähli imported 20 buffalos from Italy to Switzerland in 1999.  A desire that has not been easy, it took a lot of struggle and perseverance to succeed in importing these animals!  They had to learn everything about raising buffalos from the very beginning and adapt to the needs of these particular cows so that they could thrive in their new environment. Initially, the production of mozzarella was done in St. Gallen, then at Beat Meier in Aargau (where we have already selected cheeses). Since 2011, production has been carried out in the dairy in the village of Travers. The Stähli’s produce up to 30’000 mozzarella balls per week in the summer and are also thinking of diversifying and starting the production of buffalo milk ice cream.

Stähli Produits Fermiers
Rue du Temple 1
CH-2105 Travers

La Fromagerie des Chaux

The Fromagerie des Chaux is located in the heart of the Brévine Valley, which is known as the “Siberia of Switzerland” because of its reputation for frigid temperatures.  Master cheesemaker, Stéphane Menoud, transforms mountain milk from 23 local dairy farmers to produce his artisanal specialties.  Stéphane Menoud is known for his respect for regional traditions and for his savoir-faire in cheesemaking. In addition to his specialties such as Chaulier, Miston, or Reblechaux, Stéphane and his team (2 workers and 2 apprentices) produce each year about 295 tons of Gruyère AOP whose average score in 2019 was 19.2 out of 20. Congratulations!

Fromagerie des Chaux
Stéphane Menoud
Les Jolys 54
2405 La Chaux-du-Milieu

La Fromagerie des Sagnettes Sàrl

Philippe Geinoz took over the Fromagerie des Sagnettes in 1993, at the same time as he operated the one in Bémont. In 2015, the Fromagerie des Sagnettes was completely transformed and enlarged and from January 1st, 2016, he only operates this one.  Philippe Geinoz is recognized in the region for his original artisanal cheese specialties.  He works with 2 full-time and one part-time employees. He also makes ewe’s milk cheese, whose milk comes from the Bernese Jura and La Brévine, all of them organic.  From January 2020, Philippe Geinoz started the production of Gruyère AOP Bio in addition to the production of normal Gruyère AOP. This diversification requires the separation of the production as soon as the milk is received, a meticulous organization is necessary in order to meet the demanding specifications.

The cheese dairy is located near the Glacière de Monlési, a place full of charm.

Fromagerie des Sagnettes Sàrl
2124 Les Sagnettes

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