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We are thrilled to return to this beautiful canton which has a rich history of cheese making – this time it is a different cheese dairy from another region of this magnificent canton.  Take a look behind the scenes as we meet with the cheese maker and tell his story.

Fläcke-Chäsi GmbH

Beromünster is another town with a long history of cheesemaking dating back to 1892. Beromünster is neither a town nor a village, it is a Fläcke in German – whoever can translate this word, please let us know!

In 1998, Franz and Petra Scheuber took over the management of the cheese dairy.  They acquired the facility in 2004 after the dairy cooperative decided to close the dairy.  After the takeover, the Scheubers decided to discontinue the production of Emmentaler to concentrate on the development of their artisanal specialties.

Today they have about 30 specialties and produce about 7-8 of them per week.  This unbelievable work has been repeatedly rewarded with numerous Swiss Cheese Awards and World Cheese Championship Awards for their artisanal cheeses made from goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk. Franz is really passionate about his job and has told us so several times. He requires his producers to feed their animals only with local fodder or food. He does not tolerate soybeans from Brazil or anywhere else. For him, this is how we can speak of “local” when the whole chain is local. Admirable.

When we arrived in Fläcke-Chäsi, Franz Scheuber invited us in with a big smile!  He was happy to share his passion for his profession with us.  He presented us with 11 different artisanal cheeses, all beautifully arranged and labeled on a superb board.  We looked at each other and knew that the selection would be difficult to make!

Fläcke-Chäsi GmbH
Aargauerstrasse 4
CH-6215 Beromünster

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