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Johana and I are already getting ready for the winter holidays!  Since the creation of L’Atelier du Fromage, we have always wanted our December Box to be memorable and to bring warmth and joy to your home every year.  This Christmas, we are breaking the rules of featuring a single canton!

This year we are excited to have created a “Best Of” Box!  Johana and I have traveled quite a few kilometers, met numerous cheesemakers, and discovered a tremendous number of artisanal cheeses, each one as delicious as the next.  We have our favorites – and you have shared yours with us.

We had the pleasure to return to Chäsi Girenbad (canton Zurich) and Fromagerie Caille (canton Fribourg) and present their best artisanal cheeses in our Box for December.


Our “Best of ” Box for December 2020


Chäsi Girenbad, ZH

Girenbaderli is a camembert-style specialty that is super creamy and delicious.  It’s ultra-soft texture envelopes your mouth for a total sensory experience. Its complex flavors are perfectly complimented by its flowery rind.  This cheese is the first to disappear on every cheese board that we have served.  Simply divine!


Chäsi Girenbad, ZH

Ur-Eiche is a hard cheese with a striking character, both bold and complex.  The oak and hazelnut aromas soften the flavors and balance out the personality of this cheese.  Ur-Eiche is another unique house specialty of Chäsi Girenbad.  We love how Christa Egli, the cheese master, is always creating new recipes for her cheese dairy.

Vacherin Vieux

Fromagerie Caille, FR

The Fromagerie Caille is an expert in Vacherin Vieux, and it is no surprise, as it is located in the heart of the Gruyère region.  Their family recipe is based on tradition and on years and years of perfecting every detail of its production. This artisanal cheese is aged to perfection.  It is pure joy tasting this specialty given its profound boldness and creaminess.


Fromagerie Caille, FR

Its name is taken from its producers, the Caille sons.  This artisanal cheese is a unique specialty that is rooted in family tradition.  Delicious, creamy and complex, it transports you to the pastures of Gruyère.  This artisanal cheese is a favorite of the locals! We love cheeses that have a history and give us insight into the culture of the village.

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