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Our trip to the canton of Zurich took us a few steps away from the canton of St-Gallen, far from our hometowns of Val-de-Travers and St-Blaise! On this Friday, we met husband-and-wife cheesemakers who are passionate about their work.  We are always excited to know that family traditions are passed on with family recipes.

Schafmilchkäserei Koster

Canton: Zurich

Selection of the Month :  September 2021

Aninia Adewale-Koster has also taken over the cheese dairy from her father, who still helps out once a week. Aninia has taken over the reins and has changed a few practices, such as regulating the delivery of sheep’s milk to avoid waste when there is a surplus, or making only one type of cheese per day instead of all types every day. This allows a rationalization of the work and increased productivity.

A special story about Aninia is how she met her husband, Babatunde Adewale.  They first became online friends and then decided to meet in London.  They immediately fell in love and eventually were married.   As a Nigerian, Babatunde was not accustomed to eating cheese which is not common in his family’s cuisine.  So Aninia bought him Blue Stilton – a strong cheese to start his discovery!  Surprisingly, he was hooked!  Since then, he loves eating all kinds of cheeses and enjoys supporting his wife in the Zurich countryside  – as a cheesemaker!

Schafmilchkäserei Koster GmbH
Hittenbergstrasse 50/51
8636 Wald

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Zürich!

This Box is available to order until August 31st 2021 to receive it on Thursday, September 16th.

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