Introduction :

We returned to two cheese dairies in the canton of Aargau, which we had visited exactly two years ago. These two cheesemakers had so many choices that we knew we would go back and show them to you. Usually, during our “visit” days, we take the opportunity to have lunch in a village restaurant. We appreciate these moments and are often surprised by the quality of the meals even in the smallest towns. This time unfortunately, we had to be satisfied with a miserable sandwich in the car, on an icy day! Looking forward to spring!

Brülisauer Käse AG :

Fabian Spielhofer took over the cheese dairy from Sepp Brülisauer last year, after working with him for 6 years. Since then, he has continued the work started by Sepp and produces about 15 home-made specialties. The cheese dairy only offers house specialties and no well-known cheeses such as Emmentaler or Gruyère, for example. This is important to emphasize because the sales channels are not the same. A cheese dairy that only produces its own specialties is certainly freer but has to make more effort to sell its products. The Brülisauer cheese dairy has 40% of producers who have converted to organic production. Fabian and his team, therefore, have days of production for organic and days of production for conventional; the two kinds of milk are completely separate.

Fabian sells its products in local stores and some under the label “of the region” in well-known stores. We are looking forward to following his journey and see if he will soon present a cheese at the Swiss Cheese Awards!

Brülisauer Käse AG
Unterdorf 6
5444 Künten

Käserei Berglinde :

Beat Meier from Käserei Berglinde was very busy in production this Friday morning, we saw him working with buffalo milk and forming some soft cheeses. His employee Sabrina gave us the explanations we needed about the different cheeses selected. Beat Meier produces its own specialties from cow, buffalo, goat and sheep milk. The organization is different every day, as the milk is not processed in the same way. Beat loves this diversity and you can feel it in these cheeses. We are looking forward to presenting you his specialties in our April Box.

Käserei Berglinde
Dorfstrasse 1
5632 Büttwil

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Aargau!

This Box is available to order until March 31st to receive it on Thursday, April 15.

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