Welcome to the canton of Nidwalden

We were welcomed by gorgeous sunshine and beautiful scenery as we traveled through Canton Nidwalden.  A perfect day for sightseeing – and of course, for tasting cheeses!

Nidwalden shares its northern border with Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by the Urner Alps, so we knew the view would be magnificent.  It didn’t disappoint!

Come explore the canton of Nidwalden with us and taste the delicious mountain and alpine cheeses that are made there!

Our Discoveries in Nidwalden

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Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Stans

Land Area:  275,84 km2

Population:  42 969 (December 2017)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1291 (founding member)

Language:  Swiss German

The Sbrinz-Route

A historically important trade route that began in the middle ages connected central Switzerland and the eastern Bernese Oberland to northern Italy.  It is here that the trade for wine, corn, rice, oil, spices, and especially hard cheeses and cattle passed through to the Domododdola market.  What was the main export?  Sbrinz, of course!

The Sbrinz-Route begins in the canton of Nidwalden in the town of Stans on Lake Lucerne and continues on old mule tracks to Domodossola in Piedmont, Italy.  The journey by foot and with a hoofed animal would take about 8 days to complete.

At the end of the 19th century, the trade route was no longer needed as Switzerland developed a network of roads and railways, including the Gotthard Railway.  Today, the route is open to hikers and history enthusiasts as a way of reliving the past.

Nidwaldner Alpchäs Märcht

Nidwalden, one of the smallest Swiss cantons, has fewer farms producing alpine milk, which makes it increasingly difficult to taste the cheeses of this region.  Every year in November, the canton organizes its Nidwaldener Aplchäs Märcht where the cheese dairies present their mountain and alp cheeses that were produced during the summer months.  This year the Alpchäs Märcht will be held on 16 – 17 November 2019. On Saturday evening, over 150 people will sit down together to share Alpchäs fondue, and on Sunday another 150 people will gather for a big farmer’s breakfast.   There will be plenty to do and enjoy for families of all ages!

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