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We are delighted to start L’Atelier du Fromage in the canton of Fribourg, home of Gruyère PDO and Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO. The subtle flavors of these two cheeses make them the stars of the half and half fondue.

Join us as we explore this incredible canton and discover the wonderful world of artisanal cheeses made in the canton of Fribourg!

Our Discoveries in Fribourg

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Hello Cheese Lovers!   Johana and I are already getting ready for the winter holidays!  Since the creation of L’Atelier du Fromage, we have always wanted our December Box to be memorable and to bring warmth and joy to your home every year.  This Christmas, we are breaking the rules of featuring a single canton! ... Read more


Introduction : Our exploration of artisanal cheeses in the canton of Fribourg led us to discover the passion and dedication of family businesses. These families have inspired us with their perseverance in making their passion for cheese their livelihood. It is our mission at Atelier du Fromage to find these producers and bring their products ... Read more


Introduction This month we are delighted to introduce you to three fantastic cheese dairies that make some of the best artisanal cheese we have tasted in the canton of Fribourg. Our Box for September 2018 Vacherin Vieux Fromagerie Caille, FR The Fromagerie Caille makes their Vacherin with commitment, respecting the traditional recipe. We are happy ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Fribourg

Land Area:  1,6771 km2

Population:  311,914 (Déc 2016)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation:  1481

Language:  Swiss German, French

Historical facts

Fribourg was founded in 1157 and admitted to the Swiss Confederation in 1481, along with the canton of Solothurn.

Fribourg was the first French-speaking canton to join the Swiss alliance. However, the people of Fribourg quickly adopted Swiss-German when they joined the Confederation. Today, it is a bilingual canton with 70% of the population speaking French and 30% German.

Stories and legends

The Rand of the Cows

The story is about a cowherd who is awakened by three strangers who enter his cottage and start making cheese from fresh milk. The strangers offer the cowherd three bowls and make him choose one. The first will give him strength, the second will give him wealth and the third will give him the gift of song that will win all the hearts of the land. The cowherd chooses the third bowl and soon he is reunited with his love. Both sing the Ranz des Vaches and their voices can be heard throughout the Alps.

To know more : The origin of the Ranz des Vaches

To listen : Ranz des Vaches by William Tell – Rossini

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