After a summer break, we are back with new Swiss discoveries!

These few months have allowed us to activate our new website, to relocate our offices allowing us to expand, but most importantly, spend time on the road looking for new Swiss artisanal flavors. We are looking forward to starting this new season with you!

We are excited to offer you a new selection of artisanal cheeses this year, starting with the canton of Zürich!

We traveled across the canton to find Schafmilchkäserei Koster which is located in the canton of Zürich near the cantonal border with St-Gallen.  There we found a delicious assortment of cheeses made with cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk.

Then we traveled back to the heart of canton Zürich to visit Chasi Girenbad.  We discovered this fromagerie in 2019 and we fell in love with their cheeses!  We had to come back so we could feature other cheeses in our Box!

We hope you enjoy our first Box after the summer pause!


Our Box for September 2021


Chäsi Girenbad

Canton: Zurich


Heuhuufe is an ivory-colored, semi-hard artisanal cheese made with fresh, raw hay milk from cows.  Hay milk refers to animal feeding adapted to the cycle of the seasons.  Hay milk cows are fed hay during the winter months, and grasses and herbs during the warmer months.

This cheese has a wide variety of unfamiliar, delicate flavors and aromas that keep you intrigued.  There are notes of hay as expected since it is made with hay milk and infused with freshly brewed hay tea.

Characteristics :  An ivory-colored, semi-hard cheese made with raw, hay milk from cows and infused with hay tea.

Type of milk :  Cow, hay milk

Process :  Raw milk

Serving suggestion :  Enjoy at the breakfast table, at an apéro, or nestled inside a sandwich.  Best enjoyed cool or at room temperature to enjoy its full flavor.  This cheese prefers not to be heated.

Box :  Discovery, Club


Chäsi Girenbad

Canton :  Zurich


FüürStei is a semi-hard, cow`s milk cheese with an interesting story.  Its unique flavor comes from natural smoke.  After maturing, the cheese is debarked (rind removed), portioned, and then smoked.  Its firm texture is enhanced by the smokey, spicy taste.  The cheese also imparts a strong meaty flavor that reminds us of charcuterie.  Due to its strong character, FüürStei can be enjoyed with a bolder red wine.

Characteristics :  Semi-hard, smoked cheese with a color ranging from ivory to brown.

Type of milk :  Cow

Process :  Raw

Serving suggestion :  A unique cheese that will stimulate conversation at your next apéro.  We love it paired with a glass of rich red wine.  Given the hearty, savory flavors of this cheese, it can be enjoyed as a meat substitute.

Box :  Apéro, Club


Schafmilchkäserei Koster

Canton:  Zurich


Camemää is a soft, bloomy white rind cheese that is shaped into a half-moon before the aging process.  These cheeses are cared for by hand in small batches.  Camemää is made with fresh, whole sheep’s milk produced in the grassy pastures nearby.  The light taste of hay reminds us of these pastures. We love the milkiness of this cheese, its balanced acidity, and the soft to medium-firm texture.  The longer it ripens, the cheese will develop a stronger taste and aroma.

Characteristics :  Soft, bloomy white rind cheese made with 100% whole sheep’s milk. It tastes lightly of hay which transports you to the grassy pastures.

Type of milk :  Sheep

Process :  Pasteurized

Serving suggestion :  Camemää’s unique shape is wonderful to showcase on a cheese platter.  Also delicious baked until melted and served with flatbread for dipping.

Box :   Apéro, Discovery

Blue Dream

Schafmilchkäserei Koster

Canton:  Zurich

Blue Dream

It is a unique Discovery to find a blue cheese made with sheep’s milk in Switzerland.  Blue Dream has the perfect name!  Its smooth, creamy dough draws you into a beautiful dream.  It has a nice tanginess that balances the creaminess that envelopes your mouth.  The blue cheese flavor is mild to medium when enjoyed young.  Perfect if you are new to blue cheeses.  However, if you are looking for stronger flavors and softer textures, let it ripen longer in your refrigerator before savoring.

Characteristics :  A spicy, soft blue cheese made with 100% whole sheep’s milk from local pastures. Pricked by hand to streak with blue mold.

Type of milk :  Sheep

Process :  Pasteurized

Serving suggestion :  Lovely presented on an apéro platter, harmonizes beautifully with a dessert wine

Box :  Club


Pecoretta is a rare find in Switzerland.  It is made with pure, whole sheep’s milk from the neighboring pastures.  The cheese is aromatic with a slightly firm texture and pleasantly salty like good feta. You can hold onto Summer longer with this cheese by crumbling over fresh salads or topping on wood-fired pizzas!

Characteristics :  A tangy, semi-hard fresh cheese similar in taste and texture to feta.  Made with fresh, whole, sheep’s milk from a neighboring farm.

Type of milk :  Sheep

Process :  Pasteurized

Serving suggestion :  Perfect for a salad, on pizza, or finely grated over fried egg

Box :  Club

DW Plan B – Cuvée Rouge Suisse

Weingut Diederik

Canton:  Zurich

DW Plan B

DW Plan B was developed by Weingut Diederik when the late frost of 2017 destroyed the grape harvest.  Their plan B was to reach out to their winegrowing friends from Ticino, Vaud, Aargau, Zurich, and Graubünden who came to the rescue by selling their grapes.  We think DW Plan B is a delightful wine that honors good deeds and a helping hand.

Made with Pinot noir 52%, Gamay 15%, Cabernet Dorsa 14%, Merlot 11%, Gamaret 8%, this wine is fresh and juicy and full of dark berry flavors.  It has spicy notes of allspice, black pepper, and cloves.

Grapes : Pinot noir, Gamay, Cabernet Dorsa, Merlot and Gamaret

Origin :  Canton Zurich

Wine Style :  Fruity, spicy, dry red

Vintage :  2017

Characteristics :  Fresh and juicy with flavors of dark berries married with spicy notes of allspice, black pepper and cloves.

Serving suggestion :  Serve with grilled chicken or a smoked cheese!

Box :  Apéro

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Zurich!

This Box is available to order until August 30, 2021 to receive it on Thursday, 16 September.

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