Happy New Year, cheese lovers!

We wish you a remarkable start to the new year and of course full of delicious artisanal cheeses.  This month, we take you on a journey through the canton of Neuchâtel to explore a part of the Swiss Romandie known for its cheeses, wines, and absinthe!

It is our pleasure to present to you the artisanal cheeses from our home canton.  We have selected two tommes made from different types of milk, and two semi-hard cheeses that will give you a taste of the flavors coming from the mountains of the Neuchâtel Jura.  We will present the wine we have selected from the Lake Neuchâtel region for our Apéro Box in our next blog.


Our Box for February 2021

La Tomme au lait de Bufflonne

Stähli Produits Fermiers, NE

La Tomme de lait de Bufflonne is a specialty of Stähli Produits Fermiers. It is a rich, soft cheese with a slightly firm texture and flowery crust.  It has an intense milky flavor that allows the buffalo milk to shine through without masking its pure flavors. The buffalos graze in the nearby pastures, not far from the fromagerie – or our office of L’Atelier du Fromage!

La Tomme des Chaux

La Fromagerie des Chaux, NE

The Tomme des Chaux is a specialty produced by the Fromagerie des Chaux.  This tomme is a local favorite made with fresh mountain milk from the Vallée de la Brévine.  Its super-rich and creamy texture is pure velvet in your mouth!  Allow it to rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving, so that it melts when sliced.

Le Sybérien

La Fromagerie des Chaux, NE

The Sybérien, also produced by the Fromagerie des Chaux, is a full-bodied, complex flavored mountain cheese with hints of hazelnut, which has been awarded for its exceptional taste, aroma, and texture.  It’s bold personality and creamy texture are a wonderful representation of the mountain cheeses of this region.


La Fromagerie de Sagnettes, NE

Forêt​ from the Fromagerie de Sagnettes is a fragrant, semi-hard cheese that has a delicate layer of minced pine needles nestled in the middle.  The smoothness of this artisanal cheese with the subtle fragrance and taste of the pine is a beautiful combination. We love how the flavors evolve in your mouth and the pine flavor does not overpower the cheese.

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