The canton of Vaud is known for its ideal soil for cattle breeding, so we knew that the cheeses would be excellent. In essence, exploring this region of the Vallée de Joux would be a cheese lover’s dream! The hardest part is choosing which artisanal cheeses to put in our box – but we were up for the challenge! Here are the cheeses we selected.

Our Box for September 2019

Sécheronet Vieux

Fromagerie du Séchey, VD

We were looking forward to seeing Maître Fromagère (master cheesemaker) Danièle Magnenat of the Fromagerie du Séchey slice through this Sécheronet Vieux. You can see that it has been aged at least 2 years with its thick rind, protein crystals, and slightly yellow and crumbly texture. You will be able to taste the terroir of this cheese, as it has been well cared for by hand during its maturation. It is a hard cheese with a strong character and balanced by its beautiful texture.


Fromagerie Combremont, VD

Michael Hanke, master cheesemaker at Fromagerie Combremont is known in his village for creating beautiful cheeses from different types of milk from nearby farms. His inspiration to combine these kinds of milk to create a single cheese is truly brilliant and unique in French-speaking Switzerland.

Fetos is in fact a unique specialty made by combining three kinds of milk: cow, goat, and sheep milk.

Fetos has the familiar saltiness of feta cheese, but its taste is enhanced by the flavors of the three different kinds of milk. You can really taste the local terroir! A perfect cheese to crumble over a nice salad.

Reblochon de Chèvre

Fromagerie Combremont, VD

The Reblochon de Chèvre is another beautiful specialty of the Fromagerie Combremont. It is a creamy, medium-hard goat’s milk cheese with a wonderful harmony of earthy and herbaceous notes that envelops your mouth. The yellow-orange rind completes its richness and gives its earthy character. A delight for any cheese board!


Fromagerie Combremont, VD

Crémoso from Fromagerie Combremont is a beautiful semi-hard cow’s milk cheese. It has a perfect blend of flavors that complement its texture. Crémoso is smooth but also spicy, and of course, according to its name, very creamy. It is used in making fondue and when you taste it, you really think you are eating fondue! No need to combine different cheeses – this one has it all! For lovers of semi-hard cheeses, Cremoso is a dream!

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