Our Box for May 2019 celebrates the creativity of Serdar Hess, the master cheesemaker at Mylk Basel. His passion to innovate and develop new flavors is evident in each of his cheese creations. Discover the beautiful artisanal cheeses made in the heart of Basel City!

Our Box for May 2019

Basler Tommli Provence

Mylk Basel, BS

The Basler Tommli Provence is a sweet dream with its slightly flowery crust and creamy, soft center. The fine herbs of Provence blend perfectly with the delicate taste of this tomme. The balance is impeccable – neither the herbs nor the cheese overpowers the other. Let the cheese rest at room temperature before eating and it will melt gently on your board.


Mylk Basel, BS

Rhyförster is a very strong, full-flavored cheese that nevertheless has a rich, creamy texture. It is lightly scented with rosemary, which lends herbaceous notes to the aroma and taste. Fir bark is tied around the center of this cheese, giving it a woody flavor that complements the rosemary. The longer this cheese is left at room temperature, the more unique its finesse and powerful aromas develop.


Mylk Basel, BS

Holzbock is an incredibly unique cheese with an elegant, woodsy aroma. The top and bottom rinds are sprinkled with crushed fir bark and the whole cheese is wrapped in a thin wooden ribbon that holds the cheese together. The taste is special, unique, intriguing. The creamy layers are why Serdar calls Holzbock “the tiramisu of cheeses”. Allow the cheese to warm to room temperature to allow you to savor all of its flavors.


Mylk Basel, BS

Huuschäs is an interesting semi-hard cheese that can be enjoyed on any cheeseboard. This cheese is always slightly evolving as Serdar sometimes perfects the recipe depending on his mood. It is truly a homemade cheese that has developed its own character. We love the way it reflects the cheesemaker and his passion for his craft. Cheesemaking is a true art form.

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