Box Discovery – Zurich – September 2021

Dear Cheese Lover,

Welcome to our September Box featuring the wonderful and diverse canton of Zurich!  Get ready to taste a beautiful and unique selection of artisanal cheeses that we discovered on our road trip to Hinwil and Wald.

Thanks for joining our adventure!  We hope you love your Box!

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Lhney & Johana – the Cheese Ladies

Selected By L'Atelier du Fromage

The Box Discovery for September 2021

Offering a taste of Canton Zurich!


Chäsi Girenbad

Heuhuufe is an ivory-colored, semi-hard artisanal cheese made with fresh, raw hay milk from cows.  Hay milk refers to animal feeding adapted to the cycle of the seasons.  Hay milk cows are fed hay during the winter months, and grasses and herbs during the warmer months.

This cheese has a wide variety of unfamiliar, delicate flavors and aromas that keep you intrigued.  There are notes of hay as expected since it is made with hay milk and infused with freshly brewed hay tea.

Characteristics :  An ivory-colored, semi-hard cheese made with raw, hay milk from cows and infused with hay tea.

Type of milk :  Raw cow’s milk, hay milk

Serving suggestion :  Enjoy at the breakfast table, at an apéro, or nestled inside a sandwich.  Best enjoyed cool or at room temperature to enjoy its full flavor.  This cheese prefers not to be heated.

Camemää is a soft, bloomy white rind cheese that is shaped into a half-moon before the aging process.  These cheeses are cared for by hand in small batches.  Camemää is made with fresh, whole sheep’s milk produced in the grassy pastures nearby.  The light taste of hay reminds us of these pastures. We love the milkiness of this cheese, its balanced acidity, and the soft to medium-firm texture.  The longer it ripens, the cheese will develop a stronger taste and aroma.

Characteristics :  Soft, bloomy white rind cheese made with 100% whole sheep’s milk. It tastes lightly of hay which transports you to the grassy pastures.

Type of milk :  Pasteurized ewe’s milk

Serving suggestion :  Camemää’s unique shape is wonderful to showcase on a cheese platter.  Also delicious baked until melted and served with flatbread for dipping.

Visiting the cheese dairies

On our road trip to canton Zurich, we met two cheesemakers who are passionate about their craftsmanship.  Both families have continued the work started by their father, who are both co-founders of the Natürli platform.

Our Box of September celebrates the family businesses that are passed from generation to generation!  It is our pleasure to share these cheese dairies and their stories with you.

Chäsi Girenbad

Stopped to listen to the cows on our road trip to Chäsi Girenbad.

It was a beautiful drive to Chäsi Girenbad.  Find out why we had to re-visit this cheese dairy!

Schafmilchkäserei Koster

Smelling the lush meadows near Wald.

We love stories with happy endings!  Find out how this lovely couple met and how they took on her family’s business.

Join us next month discover the artisanal cheeses of Bern!

Available to order until 30 September.  Delivered on 14 October.

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