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After a short winter break, we were eager to get back on the road to discover new cheese dairies and to taste something new and incredible.  We decided for our first road trip of 2020, we would explore the western part of canton Bern.  We were lucky enough to make this trip before COVID-19 appeared in Switzerland.

Bern is the second largest canton in Switzerland by land area and population, so it is no surprise that the geography differs from one end to the other.  As we traveled through the region, we were amazed to see how the landscape and climate changed from valley to valley, from green Spring pastures to snow-covered hills.  It’s no doubt that the air of the Jura mountains imparts its characteristics to the artisanal cheeses made here.

Our Discoveries in Bern

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Introduction Our October Box is full of delicious surprises!  Discover house-made specialties made with mountain milk from the lush, green meadows of canton Bern.  Our selections include artisanal cheeses infused with garden herbs, specialties that evoke umami flavors of mushroom risotto, and cheeses that amplify the dairy notes of butter, cream, and nuts. And let’s ... Read more


Hello Cheese and Wine Lovers! The Three Lakes wine region welcomes us in October to share its unique and exquisite flavors! The Bern terroir invites us to taste this month a very special and unforgettable variety to the palate, the Solaris! About the region In the canton of Bern, the vineyards flourish on the southeastern ... Read more


Dorfkäserei Sumiswald Canton: Bern Selection of the Month :  October 2021 Vreni and Niklaus Käser took over the management of the cheese dairy in 1984, so they have been in charge for more than 35 years now. With its 14 house specialties known far and wide, the Sumiswald cheese dairy was completely renovated in 2017. ... Read more


Molkerei Schönried Canton: Bern Selection of the Month :  October 2021 Reto Siegriest greeted us warmly in the heart of the mountains of this magnificent region of Gstaad. We learned that the company he manages includes 52 producers from the region. He employs 28 people in total, including the store in Zweisimmen. Reto sells his ... Read more


Our Box for May 2020 Fornet Corsé Fromagerie Amstutz, BE Fornet is one of the house specialties that Fromagerie Amstutz produces. It is ripened at different stages, resulting in two varieties:  Fornet and Fornet Corsé.  We have chosen for our Box the Fornet Corsé, which is a semi-hard cheese made with raw cow’s milk and ... Read more


Introduction : Our visits with two fromageries in Canton Bern were special in many ways.  The people were simply charming and the cheeses were surprisingly unique and delicious.  We love to taste artisanal cheeses that showcase the passion of the cheesemaker and those who contribute making it all possible. Fromagerie Amstutz, BE Fromagerie Amstutz is ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Bern

Land Area:  5 959,59 km2

Population:  1 034 977 (Decembre 2018)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1353

Language:  Swiss German, French

Zibelemärit (Onion Market)

We always like to share a little story or event from the canton because it reflects the local culture and traditions.

The Zibelemärit is a traditional farmer’s market and folk festival that dates back to the 15th century.  Every year on the 4th Monday in November, farmers come to Bern carrying more than 50 tons of red, yellow, and white onions and garlic.  The onions and garlic are presented in artistically woven braids that are oftentimes adorned with colorful dried flowers.  The beautiful braids can be used for decoration, given as gifts, and enjoyed in your favorite onion recipes!

Throughout the streets of Bern’s old town, there are over 200 stalls selling onion and garlic braids.  If you get hungry, there are many delicious onion snacks to nibble made with onions, including onion tarts, onion soup, pizza with onions, sausage with onions.  During our visit last November, we even discovered cheese infused with onions!

How did the Zibelemärit first start?  It is said that after the great fire of 1405 that devastated Bern, the people of Fribourg quickly came to their aid.  To thank them, the Bernese allowed the Fribourgeois to come and sell their onions in Bern every autumn.

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